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Kingsgate is a non-asset based third-party transportation company, dedicated to providing our clients with the finest transportation and logistics support services available anywhere.
Kingsgate was founded in October 1986 by Merry and Tom Beckham on three fairly basic principles - hard work, exemplary service and highest integrity. Still owned by the founding family, we remain grounded by these founding principles, but we are continually advancing with investments in quality staff, technology and communications. Yet as we develop, one thing stays the same - our personal commitment to client satisfaction. The strength of our organization lives in all our people who have expanded our pledge to provide our clients with outstanding service. Supported by best-in-class technology, our associate share a personal stake in each and every shipment to ensure timely and safe delivery. Let’s face it, your future lies in the safe-keeping and the on-time delivery of each and every shipment you make. Quite frankly, so does ours. Five Parts
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Longevity as an Industry Leader

At Kingsgate, we’ve experienced the often-turbulent times of the transportation industry. Since 1986, we have always successfully overcome many of our clients’ obstacles to better manage freight from day to day. Additionally, we know what factors can influence shipping needs, including growing seasons, regional fuel costs, and more. Knowing how to react to these dynamics sets us apart from all others.

Working closely with our best-in-class carriers, we can make what seems like the impossible happen. We've built our company on strong partnerships, which we believe is the key to the success of our business and yours.

Why Choose Kingsgate?

It's simple. We add value to your operation in fulfilling your customers' needs - that's The Kingsgate Advantage. This added value is a combination of many aspects within our company that makes us stand out from the rest in the industry.

From large Fortune 500 companies to small privately owned businesses, we have more than 250 clients who rely on us as their "go to" team. We take care of everything from day-to-day shipping in addition to serving the most unique need anytime of the day, 365 days of the year.

Kingsgate Advantage

Kingsgate Advantage


Transportation Services

Since 1986 we have been an industry leader in third-party logistics and transportation services by all modes: truckload, LTL, expedited/air and intermodal. Back then, transportation brokerage services used to be pretty simple; find a truck, get the freight on the truck, get billed, bill, pay and then get paid.

But today, the entire transaction is much more complicated. It's not just transportation, but rather responsible transportation that drives all of our decisions. Tighter truck capacity, just-in-time manufacturing, carrier safety scores, vicarious liability, hours of service and many more factors now influence the decisions we make to get the freight delivered on-time and intact. Frankly, it's not just the safe-keeping of your freight anymore; it’s our safe-keeping of your business and your promises that counts the most.


Our Customer-Centric Approach

The core of our business has always been our Consumer-Centric Approach. While other models and trends within the industry may come and go, we know keeping our clients’ needs as our central focus is key. No two clients are exactly alike, and with our Customer-Centric approach our clients can be sure their shipment is receiving the personal and specific attention it deserves.


Honesty, integrity and discipline are just a few overused catchwords companies use to sell their service. At Kingsgate, while we often speak about each of these terms, we prefer to rely on our results and history to tell our story. In fact, we still do business with our very first client and the very first carrier we used to move their shipment. These strong relationships have continually built Kingsgate into what it is today - a company that delivers on its promises and commitments with the highest degree of consistency.

Customer Centric

Transportation Solutions

With a blend of experience and technology that rivals any major 3PL, our more intimate and customer centric approach provides unique solutions to even the most complex needs. The old saw and oft repeated advice of "do what you do best - get someone else to do the rest" is accentuated in an outsourced transportation engagement. Companies that choose to outsource the transportation management function do so to gain the core competencies in design, technology, sta and experience. Nike® for example, is great at marketing and selling shoes, yet they do not own any of the assets to manufacture or deliver the shoes to retail locations. This allows them to focus on product development, engineering and customer satisfaction.

Advancements in technology and the increased velocity in which business supply chains must perform are requiring significant investments in transportation management systems. With an outsourced engagement not only are the investments already made but 3PL systems are continually improved and upgraded providing access to best-in-class information systems. Kingsgate’s web-based TMS provides our clients with the latest technologies to manage the information flow throughout your organization. Our investment - rather than yours - in this technology frees up your resources to focus on your business.

No two customers are the same and consequently, no two solutions are the same. Our customer-centric approach to customize a designed solution to the client specific needs sets us apart from traditional 3PL solutions and ensures our solution supports the unique needs of each customer. Please contact our oce to schedule a free analysis and review of your current program.

3PL Services



Best-in-Class Technology

In today's transportation environment, big data is driving your decisions and ours. That's why we are constantly pushing to stay ahead of the curve with best-in-class technologies to manage our business and your shipments. Our sophisticated technology platform enables us to instantly make decisions to arrange for the responsible and timely transport of every shipment.

Kingsgateship® gives you access and visibility to all shipments in process from shipment entry to delivery and everywhere in between. Real-time integration with our TMS platform combined with our back-office support of this new shipment management tool helps you manage not only your freight, but your business. Additional services include self-invoicing, customized reporting, document retrieval, claims processing and more. This technology provides you with greater visibility, business-intelligence and control over your mission critical data needed to run your business.



We're Your "Go-To" Team

Since 1986 we have been privileged to serve our customers that range from small privately-held businesses to Fortune 100 companies that span all industries; chemicals, medical, energy, automotive, consumer goods, paper and many, many more. Just as our service offering isn’t limited to any single mode of transport, the clients we serve vary widely in size and product. We have more than 250 clients who rely on us as their "go to" team. We take care of everything from day-to-day shipping in addition to serving the most unique need anytime of the day, 365 days of the year.

Fueled by an unbending commitment to excellence we have grown to serve more than 2500 shippers and receivers across North America. The Customer-Centric approach by each member of our team supports our efforts to provide the most reliable and cost-effective transport services available. Committed to our founding principles of HARD WORK, EXEMPLARY SERVICE and UNBENDING ETHICAL STANDARDS we work every day to exceed our customers’ expectations. As one customer said, our concern for our reputation is only surpassed by our efforts to exceed customer expectations.

"...the Kingsgate website is the very best we use, it is unrivaled by any other carrier or third party we use." -Andy L

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Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBENC)

Kingsgate Transportation is a certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBENC) and doing business with Kingsgate may lend itself to meeting your company's admirable policy in supporting supplier diversity. Additionally our own Supplier Diversity program will measure and report "second tier" spending for our customers that also track second-tier spend.


What Our Clients Have to Say...

"The Kingsgate organization, in my experience, is one of the few companies in Logistics/Supply Chain Management that consistently works to exceed their customer expectations. Their concern for their reputation is only surpassed by their concern for meeting customer requirements."
- Ron H.
"Kingsgate has a great track record responding to Gillette's promotional, high volume, time specific deliveries to our major accounts. Their support team works well with our suppliers with little direction from our Transportation Group. We see Kingsgate as a one stop source to accommodate the challenging promotional side of our business."
- Diane G.
"Kingsgate Transportation would best be described as our "go to" resource. We use them every day for the normal freight needs, but they have also become our solution for the out-of-the-ordinary shipments. They are a strategic partner and integral part of our distribution strategy."
- Dave T.




Work with an Industry Leader

We have always held our carrier resources in the highest regard and understand their critical role in helping us keep the promises made to our customers. To that end, we work every day to be the best possible broker to our carrier. It's that commitment that garnered us "Best Broker" recognition from the National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC) - awarded to only the top 5% of all brokers in the country. Additionally, we also hold the distinction of being a P3 Partner of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) which recognizes companies with best practices and commits itself to the TIA Code of Ethics and serves as a "best practices" benchmark for brokerage operations.

More important than the accolades or recognition is our unbending commitment to the integrity of our daily carrier interaction and what every carrier can expect from our team; timely pay on fairly negotiated prices, reasonable fuel surcharge consideration, accurate dispatch information and a respectful environment with no hidden surprises. We ask a lot of our carriers so we are committed to making it the best broker experience possible.

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Getting Started with Kingsgate

Getting started with Kingsgate is available for download in pdf format. Please click the link below to download the pdf file. If you do not have adobe acrobat, please click the button that says download Acrobat Reader.

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Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity

Developing relationships with minority-owned and women-owned carriers helps us build the best-in-class carrier base we need. It creates mutually beneficial relationships that expand Kingsgate's reach of activity. It helps build community infrastructure by providing employment, training, role models, buying from other minority and women-owned business and supporting community organizations. As a member of WBENC we are especially committed to supporting the mission to increase the use of Women-owned businesses.


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