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The Beckham/Barnett Bosses Being the Best

Today, Monday October 16th, is National Boss’s Day. In honor of the day, I gave Jeff the day off from blog writing and took over. I wanted to take this day to write a quick thank you to Kingsgate’s owning partners. Working at Kingsgate is unlike working at any other company because of the environment here. The work we do isn’t that glamorous, but the Kingsgate Family still... Keep Reading >>

Logistics + Transportation After the Wake of the Storm(s)

Kingsgate wants to again, extend thoughts and prayers out to everyone who was impacted by these catastrophic storms that have rattled those around the Gulf since the end of August. Although the hurricanes have physically ceased, their impact on those affected has just begun. The citizens who live in the areas destroyed by these National Disasters are rebuilding their lives and the... Keep Reading >>

Get to Know Our Recruiting Team

Kingsgate is in the process of actively adding to our team. The goal of our recruiting department is to place qualified candidates into open positions and ensure they’ll fit into the Kingsgate Family.  As we move forward with our growth strategy I wanted to take a look at our two, in-house recruiters.When you’re done reading, please feel free to apply by clicking here... Keep Reading >>

Kingsgate & Cincinnati: Growing Together

If you have seen our most recent post, you know Kingsgate has been named the winner of the 2017 Goering Center Family & Private Business Award for Family Businesses, 26-100 employees. This is an honor Kingsgate was thrilled to see again, having last won this prestigious award in 2010. Since then, there have been many changes to both Kingsgate and the city of Cincinnati.... Keep Reading >>

A Brand New Kingsgate

If you’re familiar with the Kingsgate brand, you may notice some pretty drastic changes to our website and branding over the next few weeks. As we navigate these changes, I wanted to share my thoughts behind our rebrand.Kingsgate is in the business of movement. We find ways for businesses to move goods faster, safer and smarter. We are a company that prides itself on constantly... Keep Reading >>

Managing the Stresses of the Logistics Industry

Logistics, transportation, and supply chain are booming, complex industries. They are growing so much that “logistics” is a buzzword in today’s world. With that comes preconceived, often negative notions of the industry. I want to discuss these stereotypes and how Kingsgate works to ensure our customers’ needs are met, our carriers are supported, and our employees are happy.1.... Keep Reading >>

The 2 Minute, 40 Second Eclipse and Its Impact on Trucking

One week from today, August 21st, there will be a solar eclipse for the first time in 99 years. The seemingly short two minutes and 40 seconds of the eclipse is completely altering freight schedules across the US. From Oregon to South Carolina, there’s an estimated 70 miles of major highway that will be in the total eclipse zone. While this seems like a minor instant in time,... Keep Reading >>

Blog Takeover – Real World Experience

Here at Kingsgate, we take a lot of pride in our internship program. As the summer winds down, and with it our internship program, my managers wanted to give me this chance to reflect on my time with Kingsgate. My name is Sarah King and I am the former summer 2017 marketing intern. I am a West Chester native, going into my junior year at Ole Miss, and am working toward two bachelor’s... Keep Reading >>

First Annual Kingsgate Spirit Week

Hello! This is Hannah, Kingsgate’s Marketing Specialist, filling in for Jeff Beckham. Jeff was out of the office last week, and he (regrettably) missed our first annual Kingsgate Spirit Week. Last summer, we celebrated the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics in the office. It was such a great bonding experience, and we had so much fun. We knew we needed to find a way to bring our whole office together... Keep Reading >>

Get to Know Your Customers

I know it’s out of the norm to post two blogs in one week, but today is National Get to Know Your Customer’s Day. And when you have clients like ours, they deserve special recognition.In an industry where constant turnover is the norm, Kingsgate is proud to be the outlier. The relationships formed with our customers over the past 30+ years have been a blessing to our business.... Keep Reading >>

Fluctuating Rates in Transportation

This week, we will see public traded trucking and logistics firm report earnings for the second quarter and give their outlooks on the remainder of 2017. Throughout the month of June, we began to see market contraction – where demand far and away outstripped capacity - and pressure on rates increased.  Investors and the trucking industry itself have been looking for signs... Keep Reading >>

Sponsorships turn Strangers to Supporters

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big sports fan, so when the opportunity arises to partner with local teams as a corporate sponsor, I have a hard time saying no. My friends might think I’m such a willing sponsor so I have another excuse to go to more games (which may be part of it). But in reality, partnering with a professional sports team is a great way for Kingsgate to give... Keep Reading >>

Fireworks, Food, Family & Freight

The Fourth of July brings out the patriot in all of us– we fire up the barbecue, crack open a cold beer, while watching fireworks with family and friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love these festivities (and the grilling), but sometimes it’s necessary to look beneath the commercialized surface of this holiday. As a small business owner, I can’t help but take some time on this... Keep Reading >>

Leveraging TMS Data

Over the past 30 years, the third-party logistics industry has changed vastly. However, nothing has changed quite as much as the need for data to be used strategically to better manage supply chains. 3PLs provide many benefits, such as increasing efficiency, managing day-to-day freight and allowing companies to focus on their core business. Yet if a 3PL’s transportation management... Keep Reading >>

Staying Productive in the Summer

While summer doesn’t officially begin until next week, most of us see the arrival of warm weather as the start of the season. Summer prompts afternoons playing golf, vacations, many schedule changes and often a drop in motivation. The last thing we want to do is be stuck inside for eight hours a day when the sun is shining, but summer doesn’t have to impact your success and... Keep Reading >>

Kingsgate’s Growing Pains

If you frequently read our blog, you know Kingsgate is recruiting to help grow our business. This is completely new to our company, and we’ve had some hits and misses. We’ve begun refining our recruiting process, and are now making hires every month.   Growth within an organization does not come without difficulties. We’re spending some time reflecting how we’ve... Keep Reading >>

Buckeye BBQ Fest 2017 – What’s There & Why You Should Go

First, the basics to fill you in: The Rotary Club of West Chester/Liberty’s Buckeye BBQ Fest is Friday, May 19th 5:00 -11:00 pm and Saturday, May 20th 12:00-11:00 pm at the square at Union Center. Admission is five dollars for patrons and free for volunteers. To volunteer click here. It’s going to be a fantastic event to attend with family and friends.What will be there?... Keep Reading >>

New FDA Food Regulations for Logistics Brokers

Last month, on April 6th, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) started enforcing new rules to implement an element of broker responsibility and further ensure food would be kept safe from contamination during transport. Safety regulations are already in place. However, the new rules shift responsibility and give large business category brokers equal accountability in the... Keep Reading >>

Pros & Cons of a Family-Owned Business

We talk about our “Kingsgate Family” often; it is part of our culture and shapes how we run our business. The “Kingsgate Family” comes not only from being family-owned for three generations but from being such a small company for 28 of our 30 years in business. In the past few years, Kingsgate has grown immensely, but we remain a family-owned business – that comes with... Keep Reading >>

Blog Takeover – The Value of an Internship

Hi! My name is Ashley Lewis and I am currently the marketing intern at Kingsgate. A little bit about myself: I am a senior at Miami University in the Farmer School of Business, studying marketing and international business.  In a few short weeks, I’ll be graduating and finishing up my internship with Kingsgate. As I’ve been prepping for these changes, I’ve started reflecting... Keep Reading >>

FMCSA HOS Restrictions Stay Suspended

This past week, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) confirmed that the two requirements of the hours-of-service (HOS) rule that were suspended back in December 2014 will stay suspended. The provisions restricted the amount of time drivers were legally allowed to be on the road while operating a commercial motor vehicle.The FMCSA deferred these requirements... Keep Reading >>

Carriers Carrying Our Business Further

Relationships are vital to the success of third-party logistics. We often discuss the importance of taking care of our customers, but it is equally important to build strong relationships with our carriers.  If we don’t maintain strong connections with carriers, we can’t fulfill our promise to our customers; the promise that we will have their freight delivered safely and... Keep Reading >>

Why West Chester?

When my parents started their new business in the basement of their West Chester home, I had some reservations. Not because I thought they couldn’t make it; I knew how tenacious they both were. But because back then, West Chester was mostly farmland. I never imagined that when picking our most recent location, West Chester would be the perfect fit. But in the past 15 years, West... Keep Reading >>

We Have a Few Questions for You

Last week, we featured a blog discussing the importance of preparing for an interview by bringing questions for the interviewer. In that piece, I discussed the importance of having interviews being a “two-way street.” As cliché as that sounds it’s crucial to a satisfying and long-term employment with a company.Here are a few questions to help interviewers figure out if... Keep Reading >>

Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

With Kingsgate more than doubling in size, we’ve had a huge number of interviews in our office. Whether you’re a soon to be college graduate or an experienced professional, job interviews can be nerve wracking. Preparation is vital to any job interview. You may not know what questions the interviewer will ask, but you can know the questions that YOU are going to ask.... Keep Reading >>

Driving Forward with Autonomous Trucking

As technology develops, there is no denying autonomous vehicles and trucks will come into play. They’ve already been invented, invested in and are now being tested. The technology exists – it’s a matter of experimentation and implementing the technology without jeopardizing public safety. An article from CNN revealed that in winter of 2016, “a 35-mile stretch of highway”... Keep Reading >>

How to Increase Positivity and Drive Sales

In sales, attitude is everything. It alters everything – your tone of voice, enthusiasm, ability to listen and ultimately, your ability to make a sale. As Robert Herjavec, founder of Herjavec Group and Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, said, “If whoever you’re selling to doesn’t like you, they’re not going to listen to you.” Your attitude plays a huge role in whether a person... Keep Reading >>

Culture is Critical

I’ve mentioned in our previous blogs that Kingsgate is currently undergoing rapid expansion. As we welcome a new hire today, I am reminded why it is so important to impart culture to new hires from their first day. There are numerous articles and studies that narrate how company culture is quickly becoming the most important aspect of a company – it gets people in the door and... Keep Reading >>

My 5 Business Book Must Reads

Now that the excitement of the holidays and New Years has calmed down, I find myself having more free time. One of my favorite ways to unwind has always been reading books geared towards business individuals. Reading benefits, us in many ways – it decreases stress, exercises your brain, improves your vocabulary and can help you achieve goals. Business books, can completely change... Keep Reading >>

4 Reasons to Keep It Clean

Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day! Granted, I’ve always liked to keep a clean work space; I even dust my desk at least once a week. This habit was engrained into me by our founder, (and my dad) Tom Beckham. Every night before leaving, he’d walk around the office and do desk checks to ensure our office was nice and tidy. The year after my siblings and I took over the... Keep Reading >>

2017: Start the New Year the Right Way

Driving to work last week, I heard a segment on the radio that revealed only 8% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions.  Only 8%! The segment went on to say the common habits those who keep their resolutions share. However, I don’t wish to share tips on how to stick to your New Year’s resolution. I’d like to share goal setting techniques for you to use throughout the... Keep Reading >>

Update: Building Out and Up

Our renovation that started 7 short weeks ago, discussed in my Building Out and Up blog, is complete… almost. We have a few loose strings that need to be tied up and a few finishing touches to add on.  However, we’ve finished moving our accounting, IT and operations departments and finished building our new training room. The Kingsgate team has been very excited about their... Keep Reading >>

30 Facts About Kingsgate Transportation

In the past 30 years, Kingsgate has seen changes in the industry, its office, management, employees and more. Here are 30 facts about the past 30 years at Kingsgate Transportation:1. Kingsgate has been a family owned business since it began2. Kingsgate was founded by Merry and Tom Beckham (my siblings, my wife and I now own the company)3. Kingsgate started in my old... Keep Reading >>

‘Gimme’ a Break

Most companies provide their employees with periodic breaks throughout the day, and grant them half an hour to a full hour for lunch. Too many people skip these breaks to stay on task and to get more done throughout the day. In this week’s blog, I’d like to encourage you to take your breaks – it actually could make you more productive and help you retain information.The... Keep Reading >>

When Santa Can’t Deliver, Truck Drivers Can

It’s official. Thanksgiving is over, and the holiday season is in full swing. You can’t go longer than five minutes without seeing or hearing traces of it. Houses are being decorated, holiday music is everywhere, and family traditions are being continued. On the other side, mall parking lots are a nightmare, sale notifications pop in your inbox 15+ times a day and most of all,... Keep Reading >>

Gratitude Can Transform Common Days into Thanksgiving

The holiday season arrived before we knew it – I feel like that happens every year. With Thanksgiving (one of my favorite holidays) rapidly approaching, this week’s blog will focus on the importance of expressing gratitude.While we spend Thanksgiving at home with our family and friends, at Kingsgate, we think of ourselves as a “work family”. Here’s how you can thank... Keep Reading >>

ELDs: An Update

Some of you may remember my thoughts on the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate and how it could impact the transportation industry. Almost a year out and the mandate still stands; ELDs must be in place by Dec. 2017. However, at least one more court challenge is anticipated and it is uncertain how the incoming administration will view this mandate. The next administration has... Keep Reading >>

Building Out and Up

In 2015, Kingsgate took on its biggest “move” to date – we relocated our office from Eagle Ridge Court to a space off of Union Centre with triple the square-footage. Our move was phase one in our plan to grow our business and last week we moved forward with phase two: The Build-Out.Thursday, November 3rd, walls were demolished in continuation of our plan to renovate our... Keep Reading >>

Eat, Drink and Be Scary (at Work): The Benefits of Work Parties

Happy Halloween! Today Kingsgate is celebrating this holiday with our work family by hosting a costume contest, sharing candy and other Halloween treats. This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten into the partying spirit. At Kingsgate’s we’ve celebrated big events and small events, such as Christmas, our 30th anniversary, Employee Appreciation Day, Shark Week, National Donut... Keep Reading >>

30 Years of Kingsgate – Told by the Second Generation: Jeff and Julie Beckham

This week is the last in our month-long celebration of Kingsgate’s 30th year. The last blog in our “Second Generation series” features my own thoughts and my wife, Julie’s. Up first, my beautiful wife, who talks even less than David (if only it was like that at home).Position in the company? Owning PartnerWhat department do you operate? CollectionsHow long have... Keep Reading >>

30 Years of Kingsgate – Told by the Second Generation: Amy Barnett

Last week my brother (David) took over the Kingsgate blog. This week it’s my sister’s turn. Amy is the glue that holds both our family and the Kingsgate family together. She’s always looking for fun things to do and ways to get people involved and excited. We’ve even begun referring to her as our “Chief Culture Officer”. I'll let her explain the rest...What is your... Keep Reading >>

30 Years of Kingsgate – Told by the Second Generation: David Beckham

If you follow Kingsgate on social media, there’s a chance you’ve seen that we are currently celebrating our 30th year of being in business! In 1986, my parents opened Kingsgate’s doors in our home, (actually our first “office” was my old bedroom). Flash forward 30 years to 2016, and we’ve changed offices twice, doubled in size and seen the ups and downs of owning a family... Keep Reading >>

Winning in Sport and Business

As an avid golfer, I’ve been following the coverage leading up to this week’s Ryder Cup, pitting Team USA against Team Europe. It is a sporting spectacle to behold!  As I was watching the coverage, it struck me how many parallels there are between sport and business. I think the most distinct of these are strategy, leadership, and teamwork.Sports teams have a game plan... Keep Reading >>

How to Get Project Approval in 3 Steps

You’ve got an amazing idea. An idea that could save your company money, improve processes or make people’s lives easier. Regardless of your industry or position in the company, there will be a time when you need to get manager approval on a project. Below are three steps to ensure your project is approved. It’s a simple as being prepared, understanding the fiscal cost and... Keep Reading >>

Blog Takeover – Why I Chose Kingsgate

Hi, my name is Hannah Tobin and Jeff has let me take over the Kingsgate blog this week! A little about myself: I have worked at Kingsgate in their marketing department for about 4 months and I am very proud to say I am Kingsgate’s first graduate from their internship program to a full-time position. As I attended a UC career fair last week to recruit potential new members to the... Keep Reading >>

10 Reasons to Thank a Professional Truck Driver Today!

As you may (or may not) know, yesterday was the start of the American Transportation Association (ATA)’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. The event, September 11-17, is when America honors all professional drivers for their hard work. This week is dedicated to thanking the 3.5 million men and women in the trucking industry, who drive 400 billion miles a year and deliver... Keep Reading >>

Recharge During the Weekend –> Have a Great Work Week

It’s the Tuesday after a long weekend… and I’m ready to take the week by storm. In the past, the first day back to work, especially after a long weekend, started on a dreary note.  While taking the time to enjoy a long weekend is always relaxing, returning to work can be dreary and stressful – especially if your weekend hasn’t been utilized correctly. Weekends are for... Keep Reading >>

The 5 Not-So-Hidden Secrets Behind a Successful 3PL Partnership

By definition, third party logistics is when a company outsources all or much of their logistics operations to a specialized company to handle the transportation of their goods and services. For many companies, outsourcing logistics and freight needs seems like a simple, intuitive process. Yet in order to have a beneficial relationship with a 3PL, companies must find the right 3PL,... Keep Reading >>

How to Land an Internship, Impress the Boss … And Maybe Get a Job

Summer is winding down and school will be back in session in a matter of days. For some students this means wrapping up summer internships, and for some, looking for more ways to gain internship credits and industry experience. Internships are the best way to gain career experience and apply your schooling in a business setting. While summer internships tend to be the most popular,... Keep Reading >>

C-R-I-S-P – Find Out What It Means to Me

When most kids move out of the house, their parents turn their old bedroom into a sewing room or a home gym. Mine turned mine into one of the best 3rd party logistics companies. They founded Kingsgate Transportation in 1986 on three basic principles – hard work, exemplary service and highest integrity. As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded these principles to outline our core values: Consistency,... Keep Reading >>

Technology Moving Logistics Forward

As technology becomes more and more prevalent in the world, industries are looking for ways to incorporate apps, websites and other technological interfaces into their business plan – and the logistics industry is no exception to this rule. Technology improves the ability to provide superb customer service, reduces human error and expedites transport processes.Real-time updates... Keep Reading >>

Dispatchers helping shipments truck along

Last week, we discussed the importance of trucking in both our daily lives and the U.S. economy. As I wrote that post, I started to think about Kingsgate's own dispatch team and the shipments they are responsible for moving day to day. I sat down with two of our dedicated dispatchers and asked them about the impact of their own job:1. How long have you worked for Kingsgate?[caption... Keep Reading >>

How Trucking Impacts YOUR World

We’ve all been following a semi-truck and felt annoyed at its sheer size and lack of speed. Let’s face it, we most likely A) experienced road rage and cursed the trucks existence, B) got in the other lane and sped past them or C) paid no attention to it. In fact, this weekend I was in a golf tournament when one of our fellow golfers said, “no offense, but I hate those damn... Keep Reading >>

Why We’re Proud to be Women Owned

Kingsgate Transportation is proud to have been a women-owned business since 1986. My mom, Merry Beckham, originally had the idea to start Kingsgate Transportation, and she and my dad, created a company that has grown tremendously. When the second generation took over the company in 2010, my siblings, wife and I made the decision to keep the company a Women’s Business Enterprise... Keep Reading >>

Office décor – Office success

Do you remember the first time you were given freedom to decorate your own space? Whether it was your childhood bedroom or your first home, that space became uniquely yours. It served as both a function and a reflection of who you were. Office design has been reviewed and studied in recent years to show the benefits of having a space that reflects the company culture and serves... Keep Reading >>

Electronic Logging Devices: A Boon or Bane to Trucking?

Come December 2017, the days of drivers and carriers using paper logging or logging software will be outlawed. As dramatic as this sounds, it is no breaking news to the transportation industry. All carriers will install Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) into their vehicles, by government mandate. Transportation brokers aren’t sure whether to welcome ELDs with open arms or dread... Keep Reading >>

Waking up for Work Isn’t Fun – Liking your Job Makes it a Bit Better

Every morning, without fail, the alarm seems to go off too early. Going to work in an exhausted grog isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. However, going to a job you enjoy and being surrounded by people who support you makes the morning a little easier. Here are five things that help us, at Kingsgate, look forward to getting to work:Supportive Co-workersThe first reason to... Keep Reading >>

Can an App Pose a Threat to The Logistics Industry?

Within the past two years the app that has taken over the taxi industry is expanding. And it may be a threat to the logistics industry. Yes, I’m talking about Uber – since the app started in 2009, it has exploded into the billion-dollar company we know today. Uber’s success has incited them to branch into several new industries: UberEATS, UberRUSH, UberCARGO, ect. The conglomerate... Keep Reading >>

We’re Back – Bigger and Better: Kingsgate Transportation’s Return to Blogging

Kingsgate Transportation is an industry leading, non-asset based third-party transportation (3PL) company providing our customers with the best transportation and logistics support services for over 30 years. Kingsgate was founded by my parents, Merry and Tom Beckham, in 1986. In 2008 my siblings and my wife and I purchased the company and are continuing the family tradition. What’s... Keep Reading >>

Family-owned Kingsgate Transportation seeks expansion with office move

WEST CHESTER TWP. — After 29 years in business and a successful handoff from the founders to second generation owners, freight brokerage firm Kingsgate Transportation Services LLC is planning a new expansion and heavy hiring ahead. 

Trucking Operating Costs Report Highest Jump Since 2008

As we continue to hear of looming equipment and driver shortages in the coming months, a recently released report by the non-profit American Transportation Research Institute shows that truck operating costs rose 9.3% to more than $1.70 per mile in 2011.  Reasons cited for the increased costs were fuel and oil, driver wages and new engine [EPA] costs.Tightening capacity and... Keep Reading >>

Cass Freight Index Report August 2012

August 2012. North American freight volumes and expenditures both declined 1.1 percent in August from July levels.August Shipment Volumes North American freight volumes continued to drop off, and at a faster pace than last month’s 7 percent decline. On a year over year basis, shipment volumes were down 1.1 percent from last August. This is the third time this year freight shipments... Keep Reading >>

Strategies for Best Practice LTL Partnership

With a modest recovery in the LTL sector in place and constraint on the part of the carriers to hold capacity, what strategy do you have in place to control possible rate increases and protect your service needs moving forward?In this article, Logistics Magazine has three industry experts sit down in a "best practices" round table discussion on strategies to deal with the changes... Keep Reading >>